Morocco Atlantic Margin Well Tie

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Project type: 2D

Seismic Surveys Location: Morocco

Year: 2017

Acquisition mode: Marine Streamer

Environment: Deep Offshore

Size: 14,986 km (37 well ties)

Acquired Q3 - Q4 2017 in partnership with BGP. PSDM data available Q3 2018.

The Morocco Atlantic Margin Well Tie MC2D survey is a modern high resolution 2D seismic survey designed to connect all wells (including DSDP wells) drilled offshore and image the geological basins in this promising area full of exploration opportunities. The existing Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary petroleum systems can be better understood, and this survey is the perfect starting point for making a modern basin modelling of source, migration and reservoir distribution. This seismic survey will be the geological backbone for your analysis and selection of highly prospective areas and making future license applications.

Acquisition parameters:

› Streamer Length  10 km

› Streamer Depth  12 m (±1)

› Record Length  18 s

› Sample Rate  2 ms

› Shot Point Interval  25 m

› Fold  200

› Source Depth  7.5 m (±1)

Processing parameters: 

PSTM and PSDM using the full integrated DUG Broad processing workflow with integration of gravity data and well data for velocity building and calibration. PSDM imaging will be down to the equivalent depth indicated by a record length of 18 s.