The research vessels of JSC SMNG showed a record performance in the seismic data acquisition in shallow waters in the Arctic

The research vessels of JSC SMNG «Akademik Nemchinov» and «Akademik Primakov» have successfully completed a 3D seismic survey for LLC Gazprom Geologorazvedka in the Severo-Kharasaveyski license area in the Kara Sea.

The seismic survey was carried out in two stages, as the water depth within the working area varies from 145 m to the north-west and 12 m to the east off the Yamal Peninsula coast. First, the M/V “Akademik Nemchinov” performed a seismic survey in the size of 986 sq. km in shallow water, and then the M/V “Akademik Primakov” performed a seismic survey in the size of 889 sq. km in the deep-water part of the license area.

Due to careful preparation, calibration and testing of equipment during the mobilization period, as well as the effective work of the crew, during the seismic survey in the shallow water, the M/V “Akademik Nemchinov” reached a productivity of 21.7 sq. km per day.

Professionalism of the crew of the M/V "Akademik Primakov" during the survey, in the deep-water zone allowed to minimize technical downtime: it was only 7 hours out of 39 days - less than 1% of the total duration of the survey.

After the completion of 3D seismic survey, experimental and methodological works were carried out by the M/V "Akademik Primakov" in order to introduce modern innovative technologies of 3D broadband marine seismic. The navigation geophysical complex Q-Marine with an inclined towing streamers and wave sources was tested, which allows to improve the resolution of seismic data and obtain better results in the processing of the seismic data.