Human Resources

Human Resource Management policy

Our main asset is a team of skilled and highly competent specialists. Currently more than 450 specialists work in the company. The main goal is to search, develop and shift human resources in accordance with the main mission of the company – provision of the marine geophysical services at high professional level.

Human Resource Management Systems includes:

  • Identification of the overall strategy;
  • planning of personnel demand;
  • search, selection, assessment of personnel;
  • personnel training and retraining in accordance with the main objectives;
  • carrier management (career progression);
  • fair system of  rewards and awards;
  • motivation

and solves the following main tasks:

  • quantitative and qualitative assessment of personnel;
  • maintenance of professional growth and development;
  • maximum use of abilities and potential of the employees;
  • planning of career progression;
  • legal and social protection of the personnel through the direct effect of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the activity of trade union.

Human Resource Management policy is aimed to create and maintain brand name of the company in the labor market as an attractive and reliable employer.

We favor and promote self-development and education of our employees understanding that only high competent specialists may worthily compete in the international market of geophysical services.

Personnel training

We give special attention to the education and retraining of staff, especially prospective young professionals who undergo definitive training in the leading institutes of the oil and gas sector (RGU of oil and gas named after I. Gubkin) at the expense of JSC SMNG, get scholarship and have guaranteed workplaces after successful graduation. For more effective getting into the working processes, young professionals are being trained at the workplaces with the help of the trainers and exchange of experience.

Also we develop an annual plan of staff retraining based on current and future requirements of the production objectives and our clients. The employees of all ashore departments periodically take the courses of advanced studies in all directions of company’s activities and marine specialists are taught in all necessary directions according to safety requirements, international conventions and classification societies.

Remuneration system. Fees and salaries.

Remuneration and salary system is set on absolute compliance with labor legislation, requirements of an international worktime standard and also on the guarantees fixed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The level of remuneration directly depends on the results of some employees and the company in the whole. We are proud that can provide our employees with the competitive salary exceeding average values in the industry sector and region. Also the benefit system is stipulated for high qualification and professionalism, the achievement of essential tasks and projects. Our employees get the bonuses subsequent to the results of work for the sample period and also the bonuses to the professional holidays and other memorable dates.

We conduct continuous monitoring of the situation in the labor market, inflation rate and socio-economic conditions to satisfy national and international rate of remuneration and worthily reward our employees for the conscientious work.

Our value proposition

We propose to work:

  • in large company rendering marine geophysical services worldwide;
  • in coordination with the professionals, crackerjacks;
  • and handle challenges;
  • under the conditions of high corporate culture and prolific job climate;
  • in modern, meeting high standard, office and onboard the vessels of company;
  • and develop your carrier;
  • and get worthy remuneration according to your contribution to the common cause.