Social responsibility

The social policy of SEVMORNEFTEGEOFIZIKA is aimed to increase the overall working efficiency, to arrange social security system and to create conditions for staff consistency.

Effective social security system attracts qualified specialists, diminishes employee turnover and provides a basis for successful operating activities.

The system of social benefits and guarantees is based on Collective Bargaining Agreement comprising the mainstreams of the company’s social policy, i.e.:

  • Health at work, including immediate treatment. Voluntary medical insurance of the staff at the expense of the company
  • Sanatorium-resort treatment and health promotion of the employees and their children
  • Social support of the staff throughout employee assistance system (granting benefits, health care allowances, providing welfare assistance etc.)
  • Social support of the retirees
  • Charity

Sporting events and competitions are regularly held between the employees of the company and also with the participation of other companies of the industry sector associated with the professional holidays and other memorable dates.