ROSGEO has completed unique geophysical surveys to identify the external boundaries of the Russian continental shelf

The research vessel "Akademik Lazarev" of JSC Sevmorneftegeofizika (a subsidiary of ROSGEO) has successfully completed integrated geophysical surveys in the northern part of the Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea of the Arctic Ocean in preparation of geological and geophysical data for defining the external boundaries of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the UN Commission.

“ROSGEO has promptly and efficiently performed the important national task, – said Sergey Gorkov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of ROSGEO. – The materials acquired during the surveys will be used to define the external border of the Russian continental shelf. In addition, an initial assessment of oil and gas potential of the surveyed area will be carried out on the basis of our work results.”

The uniquely favorable ice situation in the Arctic in the summer of 2020 allowed ROSGEO to conduct the offshore surveys in high latitudes, where usually the surface of the ocean is covered with ice all around the year. It took 40 days for the research vessel "Akademik Lazarev" to complete the 2D CDP seismic surveys along with gravimetric and magnetic surveys in the scope of over 5500 linear km with the schedules scope of 4000 linear km.

The purpose of the surveys is the specification of the geological structure of the junction zone-margin offshore structures of the Eastern Arctic seas and the transition to the Arctic basin in the Russian sector of the Arctic Ocean.

Upon completion of the field season the experts of ROSGEO will perform the digital processing and interpretation of the data acquired during the field surveys, as well as the historical seismic data in the scope exceeding 6000 linear km.