Nicaragua 2015 SS-031

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Project type: 2D

Seismic Surveys Location: Nicaragua

Year: 2015

Acquisition mode: Marine Streamer

Environment: Deep Offshore

Size: 5582 km

In partnership with Petronic. The dataset comprises 874 km of newly acquired and 4,708 km of reprocessed legacy seismic.

The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua comprises the Sandino Basin - a fore-arc basin located in front of the Caribbean Plate of Nicaragua, which was developed during the Cretaceous and contains up to 10,000 meters of Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments. This basin comprises 160 km of the Middle American Trench and extends onshore through the Nicaraguan Depression.

Reservoir and source rocks have been identified in the Sandino basin. The sedimentary infill of Sandino basin represents a prograding succession of sediments grading from deep (pelagic to slope deposits) to shallow marine to transitional continental system.

Acquisition parameters:

› Streamer length 8 km

› Record length 10-16 s

› Sample rate 2 ms

› Source 3,400 in³

› SP Interval 37.5 m

Processing parameters:

Processed in both time (PSTM) and depth (PSDM) using DownUnder GeoSolutions’ Broad Deghosting Technology.