Mexico Maximus MCG1581

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Project type: 2D

Seismic Surveys Location: Mexico

Year: 2015

Acquisition mode: Marine Streamer

Environment: Deep Offshore

Size: 23,612 km

Large volume, long offset, high quality 2D data offshore Mexico. 

The program comprises 23,600 km of seismic MC2D data covering 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round blocks in the Salinas Basin, in addition to a regional grid over the Yucatan Shelf and deep water.

Acquisition parameters:

› Streamer Length  12 km

› Record Length  14 s

› Source Depth  6.5 m

› Cable Depth  8.5 m

PSTM and PSDM processing using DownUnder GeoSolutions’ broad band processing solution.